Monday, August 25, 2008

An enterprises guide that can be interesting

Here a cool little website : . Nothing to do with the vacation topic at the moment but who knows? Maybe it will add some travel, tourism or vacation business websites to its directory. I like it. Simple, good design, nice display. A website I like.

Some popular categories such as Tourism and Vacation, Real estate and Health and Fitness. I'm sure that more is coming. That's it for this post. Bye!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Quebec's 400th anniversary day today.

It seems that I have some more time to spend so I do. I was going out when I took a look at the tv and saw Quebec 400th anniversary celebrations. I remembered it was THE DAY. Yes, Champlain discovered, founded should I say, Quebec city 400 years ago. Lot of fun to comes! Activities, parties, shows and so on...

Since I was previously writing about vacation rentals, I suggest you links to Quebec vacation rentals for this celebration time at Quebec city.

What exactly a vacation rental is?

First of all, let's specify some of the frequent terms used in the "travel industry". I think I'll go first with the term "vacation rental".

From wikipedia:

<< Vacation rental is a term in the travel industry meaning renting out a furnishedapartment or house on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel. Vacation rentals have long been a popular travel option in Europe (especially in the UK) as well as in Canada and are becoming increasingly popular across the world. They are often referred to as self-catering rentals or villa rentals. In some cities, like Barcelona, local authorities determined that vacation rentals were becoming a threat to the hotel industry and passed some legislation placing regulations and limits on the industry, while in others, such as England, Ireland, France and Spain, the government promotes and certifies holiday rentals, even offering its own program of holiday/vacation rentals.

Now we know what "vacation rentals" is, we can see the advantages for both owner and people in vacation. It's a good way to make some money from a property that we do not often enjoy for the owner. In the other hand, it's also a good way for people in vacation to enjoy all the advantages of a house, a condo or a cottage without having to buy it or spend too much for hotel rooms.

I'll leave it here cause I have to go. I'll be back soon for more of my thoughts on the travel world. ;)